La Bâthie becomes ARC Fused Alumina

La Bâthie becomes ARC Fused Alumina

La Bâthie becomes an independent business.

Operations started first in 1895.

After Pechiney, Alcan, RioTinto, Alteo, La Bâthie is now ARC Fused Alumina !


ARC Fused Alumina is focusing on high purity solutions with white fused alumina (from coarse to very fine sizes), bubble alumina, spherical white fused alumina, nitrides, silane treated white fused alumina and Abral. All products can be offered in different sizes, shapes (from blocky to sharp), densities (from very high to low densities), including high purity solutions and surface treatments on some products.

Our products are 100% made in La Bâthie, France (100km from Geneva) and ready for shipments all around the world.

Our teams are available to discuss your current and future needs with a focus on both cost effective solutions and high value added technical solutions.

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