Abrasives, grinding & polishing

White CORUNDUM APPLICATION: Abrasives, polishing and grinding

Why to use white fused alumina for Abrasives, polishing and grinding ?

Abrasives, polishing and grinding is another historical market of Arc Fused Alumina. White fused alumina might be used for surface polishing, either as grinding agent or as polishing agent. Our products are especially adapted to very fine grinding and polishing works for industrial sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, glass…

Regarding abrasives t can be used of course and as well as removing agent, for all kind of bonded or coated abrasives, on some materials such as steel, iron, glass… Our products can respond to customers’ expectations in the field of either coated abrasives (in various shapes of tools like belts, discs, flap wheels, paper…) or bonded abrasives (mainly grinding wheels of diverse sizes and shapes). CA, CU, CUT, bubble alumina are the most common and the most widely-used products from Arc Fused Alumina for abrasives, polishing and grinding. 

abrasives grinding polishing
Abrasive products
Abral®Abrasive products

Abral® : exclusive product for superabrasive by Arc Fused Alumina

Arc Fused Alumina is able to serve abrasives sector with an exclusive and patented product : Abral®. This product has been developed particularly for abrasive and is a super abrasive with specific competitive advantages such as : more sharp-cutting action versus standard WFA for abrasives, self-auto-sharpening, making less heat during use/abrasion, long-lasting abrasive versus standard WFA for abrasives, its shape is helping in better removing of dust and residues of abrasion.

Some of above products can be proposed in high purity quality and all proposed granulometries are compliant with FEPA norms. Shapes of white fused alumina are perfectly intended and adjusted to final usage of this segment.

Arc Fused Alumina is able to customize its products in order to allowing you to incorporate easily and efficiently white fused alumina to your final products for exceeding your expectations.

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