Ceramics & Advanced Ceramics

White Corundum Application: ceramics & advanced ceramics


Why to use white fused alumina for ceramics and advanced ceramics?

Ceramics sector has always been a historical market for Arc Fused Alumina. It is, as well, still a big market in the new field of advanced ceramics. The addition of white fused alumina to ceramics finished parts improves mechanical strength, hardness and resistance to both wear and chemical corrosion and frictions. Also it enhances thermal and electrical resistance properties providing dimensional stability when heated and a good ability to dissipate heat.

It can be used in final products such as ceramics for isolators, for filtration, for floors, for tiles

Which white corundum to use for improving your products?

CA, CU, CAR, CAC, CAPV (fines) and Bubble Alumina are the most common and the most widely-used white fused alumina for ceramics and advanced ceramics applications. Shapes of white fused alumina are perfectly intended and adjusted to final usage of this segment.

Some of above products can be proposed in high purity quality and all proposed granulometries are compliant with FEPA norms.

Arc Fused Alumina is able to customize its products. To allowing you to incorporate easily and efficiently white fused alumina, we offer products according to your needs. So your finished products will exceed your expectations.

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