Refractory, bricks and shaped materials

White Corundum Application: Refractory, bricks & shaped


Why using white fused alumina for refractory ?

By its natural refractory property white fused alumina is the ideal material for elaborating all kind of refractories products (bricks, shaped materials, refractory for ovens or furnaces…). In fact, White fused alumina have a very great stability, cinsistency and reliability at very high temperatures and with low conductibility, which is really important for refractories products.

Furthermore, this sector is one of the historical markets of Arc Fused Alumina. Thanks to white fused alumina, we are able to serve this segment with a wide range of products (CAR, bubble alumina, nitrides, CAPV (fines)) and with adapted and customized related granulometry. All proposed granulometries are compliant with FEPA norms. Shapes of white fused alumina are perfectly intended and adjusted to final usage of this segment.

Arc Fused Alumina, single French manufacturer for refractory demands based on white fused alumina

For some specific demands, we are even able to manufacture high purity products. Arc Fused Alumina is also the single French manufacturer of Nitrides (Nitrosil range of products) and bubble alumina for refractories and has dedicated workshops for producing those. Arc Fused Alumina is able to customize its products in order to allowing you to incorporate easily and efficiently white fused alumina to your final products for exceeding your expectations.

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