Surface reinforcement

White Corundum application: Surface reinforcement

surface reinforcement corundon application

Why to use white fused alumina for surface reinforcement ?

When selecting and buying a product, the first concerns of customers are usually linked to lifetime and its day-to-day use (i.e. cleaning, grip, shiny aspect…). White fused alumina is commonly wide used for surface reinforcement. Being the second hardest element in the world after diamond, performances of white fused alumina manufactured by Arc Fused Alumina are much more effective than any other materials for surface reinforcement.

Indeed, properties of white fused alumina from Arc Fused Alumina enable a better resistance to everyday attrition caused by regular frictions. White Fused Alumina has, as well, the particularity of protecting surfaces and making them less slippery than standard non-treated surfaces, therefore ensuring a better safety for end-users. By adding crushed white fused alumina to your surface, you extend lifetime by increasing resistance to abrasion, but also you improve grip thanks to anti-slipping property given by fused alumina. 

Arc Fused Alumina, specialist of surface reinforcement

Arc Fused Alumina started to produce white fused alumina for surface reinforcement (mainly CAC and bubble alumina ranges of products) several years ago and has a wide range of products being able to respond to customers’ needs and constrains. Shapes of white fused alumina, depending of products and types, are perfectly intended and adjusted to final usage of this segment and are compliant with FEPA norms.

White fused alumina elaborated by ARC Fused Alumina are able to serve manufacturers searching to reach all types of quality for surface reinforcement with very competitive cost and very high performances. Arc Fused Alumina is able to customize its products in order to allowing you to incorporate easily and efficiently white fused alumina to your final products for exceeding your expectationsFor any further details or needs, feel free to contact us using the contact form of this website or by contacting directly our plant.

surface reinforcement corundon application